This is the project page of of Azolla growing efforts. Click the links to go to the different projects.

On the roof of Amersfoort University is a basin in which we grow Azolla.

Azolla is edible and has a high percentage of proteins (25-30%). There are also some problems that have to be solved before it can become a normal food.

One of the problems is that it is not so appetizing to eat the azolla with the roots. on the page azolla roots we test ways to get rid of these roots.

Azolla has a not-so-interesting taste, but so did most of the other vegetables we ate 100 years ago. They were bred to taste better over many years. Why don't we try to breed Azolla that tastes better and also has less tannine? To do that we need the Azolla to reproduce sexually.

The Azolla on the roof gives spores so we try to grow new Azolla from Azolla spores.