slime mold

Physarum polycephalum

Made some malt agar in petri-dishes for when my new slime mold arrives.

Put 3.3 cl of tap water in a 500 ml heat resistant bottle (it gets hotter than 100C), added 10 gr of malt and 7 gr of agar. Boiled in autoclaaf for 20 minutes. Allowed to cool down.

Cleaned plastic petri-dishes with alcohol. Poored the warm and still liquid medium in the dishes and put them in the fridge.

Enough for 8 big petri dishes and 4 small.

Since 19-9 our slime mold has been growing through its perti-dish. Now it has covered the dish and I will try to split it up. I will cut a thin layer of slime old off the agar and put it in a new dish with fresh medium and food.